Monday, October 5, 2015

Weekend Recap

Fabulous weekend here.  My grandson Ben stayed over Friday.  Never saw him once he got on the computer and uploaded a few games.  Saturday, Mom came in and later, Jayme (middle son) and his wife, Tina and two more grandkiddies (Eddie and Chloe) came over, not just to pick up Ben, but for lunch and a fun afternoon of catch up and laughter.  Elliot really took to Jayme and they kept each other quite busy.  I like to measure how well my luncheons/parties/entertainments are by how long everyone stays.  Saturday was a good one.
Sunday was the first day Elliot would be visiting his Dad and family without Kayla being there.  It was harder for K than Elliot.  First, we dropped by Amanda’s (youngest daughter) to check out the new couch and painted living room.  Then took Elliot to his dad’s where they had a fun filled afternoon and celebrated the elder Mr. Bailey’s birthday.
Meanwhile, K and I dropped off a food care package and lots of Halloween decorations at my eldest son’s house.  Then K and I had a lovely lunch at Red Robin, shopped at Vanity in the Mall where she picked up a pair of pants and a cute knit cap to where to the Hollywood Undead concert that evening.  One boba tea and pumpkin spice latte later, we were picking up Elliot and heading on home.  Elliot and I took a nap (needed), K went to the concert and Doug (K’s boyfriend) was watching sports at his Ma’s house. 
Later, I fed Elliot and baked a pan of lasagna for tonight’s dinner. 
I love weekends that are low key and just flow peacefully.  Don't you

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