Monday, October 26, 2015

The Weekend Reviewed

Zoo Boo was this weekend.  Elliot was a real treat - really, he was so much fun.  He did not, and I repeat, did not care for the Haunted House.  Nope. Not a fan at all.  BUT, the Polar Bear - a most awesome moment!  The whole weekend was pretty darn good. (Thanks, Mom!)  I had ordered a new bed for my granddaughter (its what she wants for Christmas) and while I was at it, a new sofa and love seat for the living room.  All to be delivered tomorrow - exciting!  Mom and I did a little Christmas shopping, while K and Doug were at his grandfather's birthday party and Elliot was off to a Harvest Festival with his Dad.  Sunday, was the Zoo.  Here's the photo recap:
Singing pumpkins
Sharing his candy
The Voice of Authority
A Polar Bear Hug
Watching the seals
The bear's nose is stuck in Elliot's candy carrier
While Elliot did not find this humorous, at all, we loved every moment of if!

Helping the bear get his nose out of the candy carrier
Flying high with Big Bird
Catching bubbles
After a nice breakfast at Eat-N-Park, the remainder of the day was spent readying the house for furniture delivery.

How was YOUR weekend?



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