Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Master To-Do List (the grandmaster list of them all!).

A few years ago, I created a Master To-Do List for EVERYTHING that needs fixed, moved (from one room to another), painted, donated, trashed and/or bought for each room in the house.  This List gets added to OFTEN and surprisingly, a few things get crossed off sooner than later.  I first created the list by walking through each room, and with a critical eye, took careful note of everything that needed done or that I’d like to change.  When my initial list was done, I typed it into a word doc, using a label template, Avery 5366 file folder labels.  I decided to print on labels so that when I completed a task/project, I could peel off the sticker and add it to my calendar under the month/date completed. 
I didn’t create firm deadlines for a few of the tasks as some, like “Have 40 foot pine tree in front yard removed,” are going to take time.  Mostly because I have to save for this expense and then find a reputable and not too costly company to cut it down. 
However, from the Master List, at the beginning of each month, I choose a few tasks to put on a To-Do list.  I rewrite them ONE more time, only with each task broken down into little steps, and from that I write out my monthly to-do list.  I keep the list in my current notebook where I can see it every single day.  This keeps me motivated and aware of what needs done.
Here is a peek at my latest version of the Master To-Do List.  It’s quite the list.

One more thing, it’s kind of cool to look back at the calendar and see how much was accomplished.  For example, I have this little round yellow table and a glance at my 2013 calendar shows it was in the corner of the kitchen at one time and later (in 2014) moved to the family/play room as a little brunch area.  This year, I have it slated to be moved to the downstairs non-working kitchen.  That little table sure gets around!

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