Friday, August 7, 2015

Elliot Takes Kennywood Amusement Park by Storm!

Sunday was my firm's picnic at Kennywood Amusement Park.  What an absolutely gorgeous, blue sky, sun shiny day it was!  We were a little worried about how Elliot would react to the rides - worry wasted! He LOVED it!!!!! He was so much fun to watch.  His first ride on the motorcycles and when it started! The smile on his face! Priceless!!!!!  He was such a joy to watch.  Later in the day, my niece, her hubby and two children joined us.  Dylan and Elliot are just a week apart in age.  They rode a few more, you could see Elliot losing steam and when he voluntarily crawled into his stroller, well, then we knew it was over.  With Elliot sound asleep we ventured over to Lost Kennywood where Mom and Melissa rode the Pittsburgh Plumge.  Shortly after, Mom and I left.  Once home, I laid Elliot on the couch, curled up next to him and it was off to slumber land.

Elliot's First Ride on the Cycles

New driver...beware!

A hug for Kenny the Kangeroo

Dylan and Elliot - future bikers
I love these little guys!

Well, that's another memory made and documented.  What fun event have you been to lately??

Peace and happiness!

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