Monday, July 20, 2015

The Weekend Revisited

We got the hot weather we’ve been asking for this weekend! WHEW! And it was a hot one.  Until this past weekend, here in Pittsburgh, we’ve had more than our share of rain.  Our garden, the neighbors’ and a few friends’ are experiencing less veggies this year, root rot and mildew. 
First time on the Merry Go Round.  Yes, that's Dino Crunch on his shirt.
However, as I said, this weekend was HOT.  Friday night, the kids met me at the bus stop (I took the B and got off at Frick Park).  We pretty much had ice cream cones for dinner and took Elliot to the park.  He was dynamite and we had a really good time, leaving at dusk.

Saturday, Mom came over early and we headed on out to the Mills to do a little shopping at Sam’s Club, lunch at Sonic and more shopping at Giant Eagle.  At Sam’s Club, I bought enough meat for two week’s worth of meals. At Giant Eagle, I bought side dishes and such.  I’ve a little meal planning to do and that little task will be taken care of.

Why don't they ever go up the ladder?
That evening, Kayla and Elliot and I packed a cooler and loaded folding chairs, pillows, diapers, and wipes into the car and headed on out to the Dependable Drive-In.  We sat under the stars (it turned out to be a gorgeous evening, not too hot) and watched Minions and Inside Out on the big screen.  Elliot stayed awake for both features. 

What could he be thinking????
Sunday, Mom came over for breakfast and I made omelets, which Elliot surprised me and ate (I had added mushrooms and chopped onions).  Then Mom went home and K, E and I went to Kohl’s to buy three short outfits for E (he is growing TOO fast) and a few items for K.  Next up is contacts for K and fall shoes for E.

Back home, E took a nap, I did laundry, K tried to dye her hair two shades of purple.  Silly girl.  It was too hot to cook so we just threw some crab into a Caesar Salad.  Showers all around, True Detective on the tube, deep sigh.  This was a GOOD, GOOD weekend.

How was yours??

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