Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Our Day Out With Thomas the Train.

The Travelers

Originally, it was to be just myself, Kayla and Elliot traveling to Strasburg, PA to spend a Day Out with Thomas the Train.  However, the day before my 1997 Toyota Corolla got a flat tire.  My sweet Momma went into panic mode and we attempted to rent a car (this is SO NOT a good idea to do on a Saturday, the cars have all been rented out).  Joey filled the tire and put fix-a-flat in it (been good ever since), but my Mom was not going to let us drive (it’s 4+ hours) in that car.  She came with us.  (Secretly, I had been waiting for her to agree to come with us, no pressure, but I get lost super easy, and besides, she drives better than me).

The Good Traveler

We were a bit worried about how Elliot would be sitting endless hours in the car. HE WAS EXCEPTIONAL!!! What a traveler.  Right off the bat it was like he knew we were going someplace special.  He was so happy and excited.  Not a tear or whine, NOT AT ALL.  I am so proud of this little guy. 

Where we stayed

In a CABOOSE!  I think that was mine and Kayla’s favorite.  Staying in a caboose converted to a “motel” room.  We stayed at The Red Caboose Motel and Restaurant.  Turned out to be an excellent choice as the Strasburg Railroad was about a 5 minute drive, we could actually see the station and the trains.  In fact, the trains rode past us all day and we sat at the tracks and waved at the passengers.  There is a big barn and a few animals that you could feed and pet (except for the pigs). They had a llama, roosters and chickens, goats, and horses.  And play areas for the kiddies.  The main building houses registration, a small store/gift shop with a game area.  There is a dining car (for real!) and it serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  We ate breakfast there one morning and ordered dinner both nights to take back to our room.

Our Room!!!!

We had tickets for three train rides.  We rode Percy first and Thomas at 11:00 a.m. Elliot had a little meltdown when we sat him in front of Percy for a photo shoot (sadly, no photo).  Let me tell you, it was a VERY HOT day.  We never made the third train.  We bought new trains and track attachments and headed back for the coolness of our room.  THOUGH, first, we stopped at an Amish home to shop (gotta shop!).  I got a lovely apron and tissue holder and Mom got a gorgeous table runner.  Kayla was delighted with the scented soaps and got a few for herself.
Thomas the Train
Riding the Train
Eating snow cones to cool off
National Toy Train Museum

Later, in the afternoon, Kayla, Elliot and myself walked over to the National Toy Train Museum.  It’s was a stone’s throw from our room.  Elliot loved this place, running from display to display, pushing the little buttons to make the trains go. It was cool, not too big, or crowded and the train displays were fantastic.  We went around the rooms a few times.  They have a gift shop in front – I headed for the clearance table and we got Elliot his own travel bag – with the train motif, of course.

Homeward Bound

Tuesday morning, we loaded the car, got on the road, stopped at a Cracker Barrel for a fulfilling breakfast and headed on home.  It was a fabulous mini-trip and I am so grateful my Mom came along. And for Elliot, though he probably won’t remember much (except in pictures), it’s another memory made.

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