Monday, June 8, 2015

The Weekend Reviewed (in 26 photos or less*)

The weekend was FABULOUS! Warm weather, soft breezes, good company, good food! Lots of laundry washed, rooms getting cleaned, plans being made, books being read.  THE GOOD LIFE!
*I had earmarked at least 26 photos from the weekend, then whittled it down to half.

Before picture of my room. I'm still working on it.

We celebrated Kayla's 17th birthday a few days early

My gift was a reservation at Six Penn Restaurant in town. 

I kept Elliot and Amanda's boys. The mosquitoes are SO bad right now,
we are lighting these citronella candles every evening.

The three boys playing.  We made short videos; they LOVED watching them back.

Sunday, we went to the reading festival in Oakland.
Elliot decorated his own Smiley cookie.

And ate it, too.

Fountain fascination

Next, a visit to Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Amidst the dinosaurs

Lots of hands on play

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