Monday, May 4, 2015

The Weekend Reviewed

What an absolutely fabulous weekend! The weather was gorgeous!!!!!

Friday, the kiddies went to Amanda's for the night (she got a new puppy).

Saturday was all about shopping and lunch and the ER.  We picked Mom up in the a.m., drove out to the eye place to get K's lenses fixed only to find it closed.  Errrrrr.  My bad.

Dairy Queen for lunch in the sun. The baby loved that, but the tables were a little too high for him to reach.  So he had a bench picnic.

Later after numerous stores (new rugs and shower curtains bought for the bathrooms, new sheets for mine and K's beds, and toys for Elliot), I took K to the ER to have her foot checked.  It was pretty swollen and starting to bruise (one of her brothers knocked over some wooden thing that landed on the top of her feet).  No fractures or breaks luckily, but pretty bruised.

The x-ray lab was backed-up, so Elliot and I spent most of our wait outside.  The was a construction vehicle parked outside much to his delight.  He has a fascination for trains, buses and construction vehicles.  

Sunday was even prettier than the day before.  We started our day off with coffee, of course. Then set to cleaning the front yard and the porch.  Made a list of items needed from our next trip to Ikea (cotton drapes for the porch, citronella candles, new ice bucket).
And that was our weekend.  

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