Friday, April 17, 2015


Today he is TWO! 2! II! My great grandbaby boy is 2.  How he has grown!! How his personality has developed!  How he bosses us around without saying much at all! 

Tomorrow, we will celebrate this milestone with family and friends.  Tonight we will light two candles on a chocolate cupcake, after dinner, sing to him and wonder that there was life before this little guy arrived in our lives.  We will laugh, cry and remember each tiny moment.

While Elliot does not say much, most times he doesn’t need to.  He is very good at getting his point across.  His baby talk is ADORABLE and we will miss it when he does become more fluent.  Currently, “Mama, Gigi, Piper (the dog next door), choo-choo, what’s that, what’s this, cool, no, more, thanks, and ball,” are a few of the words we hear most often.

Elliot likes music, sings “la, la, la,” and dances (or taps a toe if he’s sitting) to songs like Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk, Pitbull/Ne Yo’s Time of Our Lives, and Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Up.”  Elliot likes being chased and hides under the covers when we play Fee Fi Fo Fum. 

Currently, his favorite shows to watch are pretty much anything on Sprout.  On Netflix, his choices are Mater’s Tall Tales, The Powerpuff Girls (thankfully he’s over PacMan); Chuggington, Thomas the Train and Bob the Builder.  As for movies, he has a fondness for Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2, The Nut Job, Cars 1 and 2, and Mr. Peabody and Sherman.

Elliot LOVES being outside.  He likes walking the neighborhood and the little park at the top of the hill.  He likes buses and trucks and chases the squirrels.  When we park the car, he scrambles out of his car seat and into the front seat to “drive.” 

We take him to Barnes & Noble often to play with the Thomas the Trains.  He does have quite a collection building up and will be getting a Thomas the Train table next Christmas.

As for favorite foods, Elliot LOVES ketchup…and ranch dressing, French fries, chips and dip, cottage cheese, shredded cheese and eggs.  He likes to crack the eggs. A LOT.  So much so, that he helps make the scrambled eggs, bread, French toast or whatever recipe calls for a cracked egg.

While he does not have a security blanket, he does have security pillows.  Yea, don’t ask.  We have gone through quite a few Joe Boxer pillows, they get dragged everywhere and need washed often (til they fall apart). 

      This past year has been filled with a few firsts, including a weekend at Castaway Bay, his first bus ride, and his first haircut.

      What an honor and a privilege it has been to share in this little man’s life.  I look forward to another year of watching this little man grow.

You are so loveable, adorable, the sweetest!

Happy Birthday Elliot!

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