Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thoughts On Freezer Meals

Listen, I love making food from scratch.  I really do.  I pride myself on my white sauce for chicken pot pie.  And making pancakes with flour, milk and oil and NOT from a pre-made mix.  The same goes for pizza dough and bread dough and freshly baked cookies.  HOWEVER, being away from home 10+ hours (includes travel time) each week day, leaves little desire to go home and cook a nutritional and appetizing dinner from scratch. 
Hence, my recent commitment to doubling every thing I cook, half to the dinner table/the other half to the freezer.  So imagine my delight when I received in the post, Tastefully Simple’s spring-summer 2015 catalog.  The first few pages are dedicated to fast, easy and thrifty ideas for freezer meals!  Oh Joy! I need to make a list and send off my order.
Make note: I am not an affiliate of Tastefully Simple, just a huge fan of their products. 

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