Monday, March 23, 2015

The Weekend Recap

The weekend was so full.  Although Friday was the official first day of Spring, it is still cold here. Not the freezing, Arctic type cold of a few weeks ago, but still cold.  Saturday started out by driving to Mom’s, taking her to the mechanic’s to pick up her car, and then lunch at Chick-Fil-A.  We stopped in B&N to buy a raincoat for Dylan’s birthday, and then dropped K and E off at Carl’s house.  Drove back to the Waterfront (we had left Mom’s car there), picked up a few groceries, said good bye to Mom and then on my way out of the Waterfront, get a call from Kayla that she was not staying there, please pick her up. Whew! What an afternoon.  

Back home, we made a chicken/rice/veggie dinner, did laundry, cleaned the dining room and relaxed!  We had just gotten new bath bombs/melts from Lush, so luxurious baths were in order and even later, the Mister stopped by for a quick drink and chatter. 

Sunday, Joey came over and as it was rather chilly out, we just hung around the house until it was time to drive Joey to his apartment.  On a whim, we decided to take E to B&N to play with the trains, a real one was passing and K took Elliot for an up close and personal view. Then we grabbed a coffee and a sandwich and headed home.  


Here is my Week 11 Project Life Layout that I made with my phone.  

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