Sunday, February 8, 2015

Currently - Top Five Fave Romances

There are so many love stories that have been adapted to the big screen (and little screen, too).  Here are a handful of my current TOP FIVE faves (I have a lot of faves):

In no particular order:

1.       The Notebook - a tear jerker.  But the love - I want to live a romance like this.  

2.      An Officer and a Gentleman - what we all want - rescued.

3.      The Bridges of Madison County - oh my. What would I have done?  What would you have done?

4.      Life is Beautiful - When I first started watching this movie, I have to admit, I was like, this is stupid, I'm not watching this. I was totally wrong.  This movie is FANTASTIC. The love this man has for his child is, well, beautiful! 

5.      And then there’s Moonstruck. Sweet, funny, cute.

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