Thursday, January 22, 2015

THE GOALS for 2015

Late but present.  Here are the GOALS for 2015. 
1.         Make a plan and stick to it.

2.         Finish painting Kayla’s room, hang the curtains.

3.         Replace the ceiling tile in the family room. Hang the curtains.

4.         Read six books.

5.         Crochet two wearables and one blanket.

6.         Walk a mile (or more) a day.

7.         Cook dinner 5 times a week.

8.         Create a realistic budget and stick to it
9.         Have no credit card debt, no back tax debt. 

10.       Have savings.

11.       Add more houseplants (keep them alive!)

12.       Have a schedule – follow it.

13.       Take the kiddies on a “day trip” once a month.

14.       Take a photo a day.

15.       Send more cards (birthday, holiday, just because)

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