Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Daily 2014

It's December! Bring on the Holidays!
This year, Elliot will be 20 mos. at Christmastime.  He is at such a playful, inquisitive time in his little life.  We will be incorporating new traditions with old traditions.  Having Elliot and Kayla here makes the Holiday Season joyful.

Here is Day 1 journaling:

This past weekend we bought a 4 foot tree and set it up in a corner of the living room.  We did not put it up on a table but on the floor.  We did not decorate the tree with our usual array of baubles treasured and saved through the years.  Instead, we went to the Dollar Tree and purchased two strings of lights and plastic ornaments in a silver/red theme.  Last year, Elliot was 8 mos. and crawling.  This year he is walking and reaching.  We want Christmas to be a HAPPY time, not filled with "no's."

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