Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Acorn Project

This craft idea was inspired by a post I recalled reading on Camilla at Home’s blog a while ago. The post showed a photo of hanging mason jars filled with acorns (inspiration – Pottery Barn).  I loved this idea and put it away for future crafting.  Well, that time had come.  Although, hanging glass and lit candles around these rough and tumble boys is not something we want to encourage, we modified the original idea.  The street I live on is linedwith oak trees so we have plenty of acorns.  Giving the boys brown lunch bags, and a broom, I sent them outside to collect a few handfuls of acorns (the brooms were for the leaves they swept into piles for me to collect (smart thinking, huh??? clean yard/free help).  


Elliot, the overseer
After the acorns were washed and dried (I found directions for cleaning and debugging the acorns here).  While the acorns were in the oven, the boys and Kayla each painted their lids. 
Kayla painting
While the lids dried, they counted out acorns and filled their jars about ¼ of the way full. 

Then we added battery operated candles, screwed on the lids and turned out the lights. These jars were a hit and the kids really had a fun time making them. 

Peace and giving

The struggle ends when gratitude begins.
~ Neale Donald Walsh

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