Sunday, November 16, 2014

Countdown to Christmas, Week Three

Week 3 has officially begun.  You can see Week 1’s Holiday To-Do List here and Week 2’s here
To-Do this week:
1)     Continue shopping for gifts;
2)     Update Christmas card list;
3)     Purchase or order Christmas cards.  I have so many boxed sets that I really do not need to buy any for a few years.  However, there are so many adorable cards that when I see a set that appeals to me, I just have to buy them;
4)     Make and freeze a batch of baked goods (unfrosted cookies, bars, quick breads);
5)     Start collecting boxes and gift bags to use for gift wrapping, or do what K and I like to do – buy a roll of brown mailing paper from the dollar store.  Gather paints, stickers, ribbon, trim and create your own gift wrap.  One year, using an envelope template from Mirkwood, K fingerpainted on the brown paper and we cut out envelopes for money and gift card gifts;
6)     Start wrapping gifts as they are bought.  I must do this because I really do not like to wrap; and
7)     Finalize Thanksgiving dinner menu and entertainment plans.

Peace and giving

Who does not thank for little will not thank for much.
~ Estonian Proverb

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