Saturday, November 8, 2014


Week 1 of my Holiday To-Do List was:
1) Set budget for gift giving;
2) Write out gift list (confirm sizes, colors, etc.);
3) Work on Thanksgiving Day guest list
4) Work on Thanksgiving Day menu;
5) Create Holiday Calendar – mark special dates;
6) Begin shopping; and
7) Browse catalogs for gifts, begin ordering.
1. The budget has been set.  I’ve included birthdays because we have so many between October 15 and January 15. 
2. Gift list partially complete.  I must commend my daughter-in-law Tina. She emailed me what each child wanted and I proceeded to not only add it to my list, but order the gift(s) as well.  We make a great team!
3. My Thanksgiving Day guest list is easy-peasy.  I’ve always told my children that once they had families of their own, they needed to make their own traditions.  Jayme and his wife cook at home.  My daughter and her family will come for dinner.  My other son, Joseph, may be able to attend, maybe not.  My Mom and Dad cook at home for my niece, nephew and their families (#missyouCath).
4. My Thanksgiving Day menu is complete.  I’ve also drafted out menus for the week of Thanksgiving.
5. I downloaded this pretty November calendarpage from Homemaking Organized for insert in my Christmas notebook and have begun to add birthdays, holidays, Thanksgiving programs, and seasonal events for this month.
6. The shopping is underway.  I have Christmas gifts bought for Kayla, Chloe, Eddie and Leah.  A birthday present for Ben.  Next paycheck, I will order Christmas gifts for Brendan, Jake, Elliot and Jade.  At the end of November Cammi’s and a museum membership for Jayme and Tina, and birthday present for Brendan.  Amanda I am taking to Macy’s for an outfit and when there, I’ll pick up Tiffany’s present.  That will leave my parents and grandnephew and nieces.
7. Have catalogs, am browsing and listing!

Wow! I am really getting into the holiday spirit and very happy at my progress so far.  My plan is to be organized and rested and able to ENJOY this holiday season to the fullest!

Peace and giving,
If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness. 
It will change your life mightily.
~ Gerald Good

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