Saturday, November 22, 2014


Week 3 of Christmas Countdown was
1.         Continue shopping for gifts;
2.         Update Christmas card list;
3.         Purchase or order Christmas cards.
4.         Make and freeze a batch of baked goods;
5.         Start collecting boxes/gift bags to use for gift wrapping, or make our own. 
6.         Start wrapping gifts as they are bought. 
7.         Finalize Thanksgiving dinner menu and entertainment plans.
1.       Ordered three Visual Land Prestige Tablets for B and J and J. Checking off that list!
2.       Updated the Christmas card list.
3.       We did neither this year as I have SO many (it is a weakness when it comes to buying Christmas cards, I love ‘em!).  We shoppedthe collection.
4.       Baked a batch of cut-out sugar cookies and stored them in the freezer.

5.       We are going to do a little of each. We bought a few rolls of paper at the Dollar Store and we will have E paint some brown shipping paper to use for smaller gifts.  I know I mentioned making envelopes using templates from Mirkwood Designs but forgot to put in the link for which I apologize.  It is here.
6.       We got off to a late start, but we’ve made up for it.
7.       The Thanksgiving Dinner menu has been finalized and the grocery list written out.  We plan to just relax and enjoy!

Peace and Giving!

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