Saturday, November 29, 2014


Week 4 of Christmas Countdown was:
1. Send Thanksgiving Day cards.
2. Be thankful for all you have, and all that you've accomplished to this point.
3. Enjoy your Thanksgiving! You deserve it.
4. Send out invitations for the Christmas Ornament Exchange.
5. Pick up Advent candles.  Advent begins Sunday.
6. Begin addressing Christmas cards.
7. Choose a decorating theme for Christmas.
8. Are you having any parties during the month of December? Begin planning the menus and guest lists.

1. The cards were sent Tuesday morning.
2. I wrote a Thankful post for Thanksgiving day. 
3. Thanksgiving was a joy! Peaceful, serene, happy.
4. The invites for the Christmas Ornament Exchange were sent Monday.
5. The Advent candles will be bought today.
6. The labels for the Christmas cards have been printed.
7. Olde English Christmas is our theme.  We even purchased Christmas Crackers through Barnes & Noble for our party guests.

8. The guest list and menu has been decided on for the Ornament Exchange.  Since I will be working on Christmas Eve, I am planning an Open House for either the day after Christmas, or Saturday the 27th.

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