Monday, February 10, 2014

Word Revisited

My word for 2014 is LEARN.  It’s said that it takes 28 days to learn a new habit.  What better month than February!  I have two majors that need an overhaul – health and housekeeping.  
Health – I have missed five days of work since the start of the new year and before that I had caught a bad cold back in November.  This latest cold has been very hard to shake.  I am going on two weeks with a very bad cough.  Despite the aspirin and codeine laced cough syrup, it’s still here.  Now, Kayla and Elliot have been staying with me most of this month and K and I had a good talk about what we need to change and really work at.  My Mom gave us a blender and K has been whipping up smoothies made of good for you foods.  With the exception of one sugary treat a day, we have agreed to cut out the junk (we both want to be bikini ready (ahem) by the start of summer).  And we have agreed to MOVE more.  I downloaded a 7 minute exercise app on my phone that we try to do when Elliot allows.  Believe me, we can’t wait to put him in the stroller and resume our mile(s) long walks, but Pittsburgh has been pretty much snow covered (and goodness forbid, somepeople shovel their walks, NOT) so just going for a walk is not feasible just yet.  My walk to the bus each morning is perilous.  Am I and my neighbor to the left the only homes with shovels and salt?????  Whatev. 

The second habit has more to do with K and that is helping with the housekeeping.  When those two are not with me, the bed is made every morning.  I leave before they get up so I can’t make it.  Also, I like to have the downstairs plus kitchen cleaned up before I go to bed.  SO, besides getting K’s school work done each evening, we have to find a workable routine to include a few chores.  
And that’s what we are working on in February.

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