Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year and My Word Revisted!

It is the Year of the Horse!  

My one little word for the year is LEARN and my sub-word for January was FINISH. This month I learned to not procrastinate (as is typical for me) and to finish what I start (or start over).  I finished a scrapbook for my Mom's cousin's granddaughter.  That was good.  I gave up on the crocheted baby bag (the baby is too big now anyway) and started a raglan sweater for the child instead. 

I am happy that I chose to participate in Project Real Life at Big Picture Classes. Not only am I learning and loving a new memory keeping process, but this week's theme has me rethinking how I organize. NOT every area, I have a place for everything, but I have reorganized an area for Elliot's clothing so that it's more easily accessible.  The same for my hair accessories.  

I took the Weight Watcher's 2014 New Year, New You Challenge and am learning (again) how much better I feel, how there is no indigestion, more energy, just an overall lightness. Feels GOOD! AND the scale is moving...DOWN!  This month, I am going to add more walks, and more veggies and more me time.  

I am excited for 2014 and although we had a few rough spots this month and too many colds, I am ready to LEARN and FINISH and conquer what's next!

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