Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

Friday night, Melissa dropped off Dylan for a few hours.  He is such a happy baby, SO GOOD!  Kaileen spent the night and I appreciated the help she and K gave in taking care of the boys.

Saturday morning, Mom, myself and Elliot went shopping for the groceries needed to make two types of chili.  At home, we pulled out the Christmas presents already purchased to make a list of what we had/what we needed and Kayla began wrapping.  Jayme stopped in for a quick visit.

Later, K baked brownies and lemon bars, and we had Stromboli’s for dinner. Afterwards, while K and E took a nap, I cleaned the kitchen and prepared the two chilis for slow cooking through the night.

Our evening ended with a run to our local Starbucks which K said warmed her heart.  Cute.

Sunday began with a quick trip to the store for last minute chili toppings and then the gang arrived and we loaded up the cars and headed off to Church.  The luncheon was a success wherein we only brought home a half loaf of Italian bread.  The chilis – gone. The brownies – gone. The cookies – gone.  The salad – gone.

Mister came over in the afternoon to watch some of the Steelers game (they won!) and the evening was spent playing on the floor with E, a trip to the yogurt place and a stop at Subway.   We ended the evening with baths and an episode of “The Walking Dead,” then off to bed we went.  

Another wonderful weekend with family and friends!

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