Friday, November 15, 2013

Prelude to the Weekend

I’ve been bit by a very nasty bug – a virus - headcold that is.  Kayla, too.  It’s been a rough week.  AND, I have a very busy Saturday, SO double the Vitamin C, throw back some Tussin and get on with it. 

Today I’ve been working on my grocery shopping list.  I don’t get paid again until the end of the month and after bills and another Christmas gift bought, there isn’t much left.  And there is Thanksgiving dinner to buy for.  I’ve finalized the menu.  It’s simple.  I’ve tried switching it up, my children aren’t too fond of that.  So, I’m back to our traditional which they love and look forward to every year.   
Kayla helping with the turkey.  2006
I’m trying to be frugal so we shall be clipping coupons later and looking for the best sales.  I plan on slow cooking most every meal from here to Thanksgiving.  That’s not as extreme as it sounds.  I really don’t cook much during the week.  I mostly cook on the weekends when the kiddies are here, but K has been staying lately and I have to have meals for her.  Tomorrow, I’ll be grocery shopping, and then the kiddies will be coming over to celebrate Ben’s 9thbirthday.    

It’s warming up here in Pittsburgh.  Going to be a warmish weekend (in the 50’s). So not like the days of yore. 

Well, enough! I’ve got work to do. Oh, look, it’s time for lunch!

The Grocery List
Thanksgiving Dinner
Mashed potatoes                                          potatoes, milk, butter
Green Bean Casserole,                                 green beans, mushroom soup, onions
Turkey                                                             turkey
Cranberry sauce                                           cranberry sauce
Stuffing                                                            bread, mushrooms, onions, butter, milk
Cole Slaw                                                       cabbage, carrots, mayo
Crescent rolls                                                  rolls
Pumpkin pie                                                   canned pumpkin, condensed milk
Gravy                                                              gravy

Pulled Pork Barbecue                                    Pork Roast
(Make extra)
Cole Slaw
Buns (Buy extra)

Barbecue Pork Tacos                                                Taco Shells, Cheese

White Chicken Chili                                       Chicken, McCormick’s spice, White Beans
Salad                                                              lettuce, cheese

Spaghetti and Meatballs                             Pasta, ground meat, seasonings, cheese,
Make extra                                                      Sauce

Meatball Sandwiches

Swiss cheese
Pie crusts (in freezer)
Pancakes (frozen or Bisquik?)


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