Saturday, November 2, 2013

My November To Do List (the fun list)

Today promises to be one of my busiest of this month.  There is a visit to Sam's Club this morning, general shopping in the afternoon and late afternoon I am reporting to our Church for KP duty.  Tonight is our Church sponsored Thanksgiving Dinner and I am proud to say that most of my family will be there.  Fun!!!! Oh, before I get sidetracked onto a million other things (I'm famous for sidetracking!), here is My November To Do List (the fun list):
1.  Rake Leaves
2.  Make Butternut Squash Soup – share with friends
3.  Crochet a sweater
4.  Bake a pie
5.  Send Happy Thanksgiving Day cards
6.  Watch Thanksgiving themed movies
7.  Make leaf art with the kiddies
8.  Celebrate Joey and Ben’s birthdays
9.  Go to Light Up Night
10.   Read a book
11.   Buy Indian corn and gourds – make a centerpiece
12.   Make homemade cranberry sauce
13.   Start shopping for gifts!
14.   Go for an evening walk around the neighborhood
15.   Start a gratitude journal

16.   Relax, Enjoy, Be Thankful!

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