Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Countin' Down

So here we are pretty much down to the wire.  I am in awe of how time is just flying!!! This weekend, starting with tonight is going to be a whirl of activity.  Pittsburgh did not (yet) get that huge snowstorm that was threatened (thank goodness!), so we did not get snowed in and here I am at the office hoping, hoping, that we shut the doors early today.  I cook Thanksgiving dinner and I need all the prep time I can get.  I made a shopping list and bought all I needed last week but I have this nagging feeling that I need to go buy more potatoes.  I want to make these and I want to make them tonight.  Along with the pumpkin pie. And the cole slaw. And the cutting of the mushrooms and onions for the stuffing.  And I hope the turkey is defrosted.  Oh my.

Deep breath.  I will get it done. Oh, but what a joyous time.  I like Thanksgiving.  I like the food, the hustle, the bustle and then the quiet peace as we say grace over our meal and reveal what we are most thankful for that year.  I like packing up the leftovers for each child and sending them hope with goodie bags.  I especially like making this recipe and enjoying it all day Friday.

May your Day(s) be filled with Thanksgiving.


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