Friday, October 4, 2013

Reading - It's Fundamental!!

Research done by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development at the University of Melbourne found that “The frequency of reading to children at a young age has a direct causal effect on their schooling outcomes regardless of their family background and home environment.”  You can read the result of their research here.   It’s pretty impressive stuff.  I love that it does not matter if you are rich or poor (no excuse for not having access to books – think libraries and those new adorable Little Free Libraries that are showing up on corners of residential areas ) as long as you read to your child or along with your child. 

My Mom will read a book in a single evening.  I read – love books and magazines, but it takes me a bit longer. 

My sons – they read, each having their favorite authors. 

My daughter, well, give her a few Archie’s comic books and she’ll read. 

My granddaughter, Cammi, she’s like my Mom. She is currently “into” the Dork Diaries.

As for my eldest granddaughter, Kayla, she brags about not reading.  ALL OF THE TIME.  Really?  You don’t read. . . EVER?????  Silly girl.  She “reads” at least 75 texts a day, responds to them, too.  Put a cereal box in front of her and she’ll read all print on it, ask what the lyrics are in a particular song and she’s on-line looking them up.  Buy the baby a couple of new Halloween books and tell her they are for bedtime, she’ll read.  And here is proof: 

Ahhhhh, and here is Elliot.  Short attention span and always trying to eat the book.  Today we added two new books to his ever growing library - Fisher Price Little People Halloween is Here and a Mickey Mouse's Halloween Book.  I just love holiday themed books!! I hope Elliot does, too.

Happy reading!

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  1. Good evening. The best time for reading the book in babies is just before bedtime.