Thursday, October 3, 2013

Did I mention it's October??

It is.  It’s October and that means the farmer at Schramm Farms will be bringing the pumpkins down from the hillside for excited and happy little children to run through the pumpkin patch in search of that perfect pumpkin.  Tomorrow, the gang and I are meeting up and driving out the the pumpkin patch in search of our own pumpkins.  I really like Schramm's.  Not only do they offer a large variety of pumpkins (we were partial to the white ones last year), they also have a large corn maze to walk through and a smaller one for the kiddies, a fabulous bakery with tons of homemade goodies and a market with homegrown veggies.
I also equate October with chili.  Time to get out the Chili Bowl.  Thank goodness my family likes chili cause I sure do.  Red chili, white chili, hot, spicy, mild, its all YUM to me.  I love this month.  Not only is it gorgeous but there is a certain scent in the air - earthy.

Did September fly by or what??? I mean it FLEW by!! I am hoping that October slows down a bit, or maybe its me who needs to slow down.  My to-do list is like forever and I haven't even started.  But I plan to get really busy this month.  We shall see!

Enjoy your day!

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