Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Can I Get a Witness?

Today, I need a kickstart. Today, I need more caffeine. Today, I need more time off. Today, I need more energy.  Today I need more hours in the day.  Today, I need More. More. More.   Do you ever feel like you need to do something, anything, that there is something missing, amiss??  That's where I am right now and today I realized that my mini-trip is in exactly 60days. That's 60 days starting today.  Sooooooooooo, because I need to be accountable to myself, this will be the start of my 60 days to Wonderful.  Wonderful being 60 days to a clean house, 60 days to lose 10 lbs., 60 days to moveeveryday, 60 days to create, 60 days to save $$ ( for a new pair of shoes for said mini-trip), 60 days to get that cholesterol below 200. Hmmm...

Now, I realize most people would choose a shorter period of time say, oh, I don’t know, 30 days, BUT, I am more of an underachiever.  Well, maybe that’s a little harsh, but I know me and I know how overwhelmed I feel under tight deadlines, and for me, 30 days is tight.  I can’t do that to myself if I want to succeed SO, 60 days it is.  Starting today. Like. Right. Now. 

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