Thursday, September 5, 2013


The LSNED question today was focused on whether you planned or were spontaneous.  I didn’t have to give this much thought.  I know that along with being a procrastinator on many occasions for the most part I am a spontaneous planner!  
I mean that in the best sense possible.  When it comes to big events like, the baby’s baptism, birthday parties, holiday dinners and our annual ornament exchange, I plan everything from the decorations to the menu.  I love making lists and have even saved the Christmas lists for quite a few years now.
But I am also super spontaneous.  I love having my family over and will call them the night before to come over the next day for lunch, or bring everyone together with breakfast at a local restaurant.  I’ve called my kids and said let’s have a picnic at Overlook, whipped up brownies, made lemonade, packed an old fashioned wicker basket with sandwich fixings and been on my way.

Planning is good for the big stuff and sometimes for the little stuff, but the spontaneous stuff – those are some of our best memories made!!!

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