Friday, September 6, 2013


I am so grateful for ALOT! When I am in my car at the start of the new day, I thank the Lord for it [the day].  I am grateful for my parents and to my parents, my children, niece and nephew, my career, my co-workers, my neighbors.  I am grateful for the farmers, the servicemen and women who protect us, the police (especially my friend MW who is on the force), firemen, doctors, nurses, well, you get my drift.  I am GRATEFUL for everyone who touches my life.
I am especially grateful to the gal who sends me these texts, my lovely daughter-in-law, Tina.  She is truly one of a kind. Always smiling, laughing, totally enjoying life.  She makes my middle son SO HAPPY and that I am truly grateful for.  AND whenever she is over the house for a party, lunch, whatever, she always, always follows it up with a thank you text.  I am so grateful that she and Jay "found" each other after so many years. 

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