Wednesday, September 18, 2013

High Cholesterol

I have it.  Just had my annual exam on Friday and when the Doc's office called early Monday morning, I knew it was not great news.  The thyroid is sluggish (AGAIN!) and that explains quite alot in terms of my mood(s) lately and weight gain. I am already feeling the effects of the "upped" dosage and that's GREAT!!! I have more energy and just feel so much more happier and calmer.  Now, to tackle the cholesterol.  I've been given six weeks to get it under control with diet and exercise or else I get to add another pill to my day. The issue with exercise is that I also had a MRI done on my left knee Friday as I had fluid drained in June and its building back up again.  I have not gotten the results from that as of yet, but if its not good news then that will hinder exercise.  Luckily, I was given a Gazelle (not the animal) and will be able to "walk" to my heart's content, rain, snow or sunshine.
As soon as K heard, she googled cholesterol and gave me a list of what I should eat.  She's my girl!  I will be doing more research and creating new menus and shopping lists and in six weeks, I hope to report back a significant weight loss and a lower cholesterol number.

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