Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day!

Hmmmm, happy work day?  Doesn’t seem right, but the office is closed and the only laboring going on around here today is, well, a whole lot of wonderful nothing.  Except for a little Bible Study, tidying up around the house, laundry and cooking, and learning something new, that is.
With the arrival of two brand spanking little boys to our family, we have renewed our worship practices by going to Church on Sundays. As a family. My niece and nephew(s), my daughter, my grandchildren and, on occasion, one or both of my sons and their families.  I love this!!  We either go out to eat afterwards, but I am of the mindset to prepare a little something beforehand and have everyone to my house for lunch.  My Mom drives in to join us.  Sundays are now shared with family, like they used to be, like they should be.  Speaking of worship, I was searching on-line for some sort of bible reading groups and happened upon Good Morning Girls.  Their Loving Like Jesus Bible study begins today, a class I immediately signed up for and downloaded the course materials.  My life has its hurdles (who’s does not?) but I tell you, I really love my life, it’s good.  So thanking God for all that goodness (and the hurdles) is in order for me.
Enjoy your un-Labor-day.  Unless you are having a baby today, then labor on!

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