Thursday, September 5, 2013

Big Idea Festival Begins!

Today is the launch of Big Picture Classes' big idea festival. The festival is being held from today, obviously, through September 15th and promises to be chalk full of goodies and ideas.  Today's Challenge has adorable List It cards free for downloading.  The big idea festival is FREE! So get on over there and check out today's Challenge!!! and those cute cards, too.
Now onto what I learned on Day 4 (LSNED). Actually, this was not so much a lesson.  I love my bedroom. It's my favorite room in the house.  I have a huge house with many rooms, but I chose the very top floor (the third) as it is peaceful and roomy and I like the view.

As for the bed, my Mom always says if you make your bed the whole room will look cleaner.  This is true, but I have been guilty on many occasions of not making the bed and, truth be told, I do not like climbing back into a messy bed. So, earlier this summer I decided to use the 28 day method to a good habit.  It's worked so much so that I've been keeping my room spic and span, too.
Today is also a big day for one of my little men. Brendan begins his first day of kindergarten.  My wonderful daughter keeps me in the loop of the children's milestones with texts and photos.  Here is Brendan this morning waiting for the bus:
Way to go BB!! Enjoy your day!   

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