Thursday, August 29, 2013

Can't Do Without...

... this keyholder and believe me, I know how much more organized my life is now that it has been hung in a convenient place in my entryway.
My sweet granddaughter, Kayla, made this for me as a gift on my last birthday.  She and her brothers made the ornaments to adorn the keyholder (later they will adorn the Christmas tree).  Now, I do not use all my gifts right away, I don't know why, partly because I am a huge procrastinator.  But after numerous trips up and down the stairs and frustrating searches for the car keys, I finally asked my son to please hang this fabulous gift for me.  After using the 28 days to a good habit method (this also worked for making my bed every morning), I hang the keys up as soon as I enter my home and know exactly where to look for them.

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