Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Been busy...

... making memories.
My lovely, silly Ben, who is so much bigger and older now.
So excited for September, for LSNED, for WITL, for a change in the weather, for apples and cider, for changing leaves and pumpkins and all the goodness a new season brings.  I've got lots to do, new apps to help keep my busy life moving fluidly, a new hairstyle, new great grandson and new nephew.  My daughter and niece have been coming to Church - so joyful and have our growing family meeting every Sunday.  I am trying to keep sandwich stuff on hand so that everyone can come back to my house for lunch.  Got a new roof on the house (for a good price, too), but still have a leak. I'm pretty sure (at least I hope) that it's the half window going up the third floor.  After researching leaky windows on-line and reading the suggestions of what could help, I am going to remove any old caulking from the inside/outside of the two side windows, re-caulk with weatherproof caulking and seal the heck out of those windows.  If that doesn't help then we'll explore the siding.  I would love to have that situation taken care of before the snow comes.

Otherwise, my life is good!

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