Friday, June 21, 2013

It's Official - HELLO SUMMER!

Today is the First Day of Summer – June 21, 2013 (it actually arrived at 1:04 a.m. but this welcoming committee was sound asleep.  I’ve given my Summer Manifesto much thought over the past few weeks and below is what I hope to accomplish this fabulous new season! 

My 2013 Summer Manifesto

1.  Go to the Drive-In.  (K, Elliot and I have already done this, but as it was not officially summer, we will be going again.)
2.  Spend more time at Amanda's pool (not in it but beside it.  I prefer to do my swimming in an ocean).
3.    Read the books on my Summer Reading List (see here).
4.   Cook with seasonal foods and eat healthy (visits to the Thursday Farmer’s Market in town are scheduled).
5.   Plant something.
6.   Take evening walks (weather permitting or not.  K and I love walking in the rain).
7.   Organize an outing with the whole family at Idlewild Park.
8.   Clean out the cellar.
9.   Donate, donate, donate.
10. Go thrifting/flea marketing.
11. Have a living room camp-out with the kiddies (smores included).
12. Wear a sundress and sandals every day.
13. Go miniature golfing.
14. Make iced tea.
15. Create a Financial Vision Board.
16. Take more photos.
17. Visit New York City.
18. Ride a train.
19. Learn something new.
20. Document one week this summer month.
21. Create –something new; or complete something started.
22. HAVE FUN!!!

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