Saturday, June 29, 2013


Earlier I posted about going to the Drive-In this evening and here we are! We loaded up Amanda’s car and drove out to the Dependable to see Monsters University – LOVED IT!  I love doing this.  I love the whole atmosphere of the drive-in.  When I was a young’un, the drive-in was the cheapest place to take your family.  $5.50 a car load. We had a station wagon and would change into our p.j.’s and throw our bed pillows and blankets into the back of the car.  My sister and brother would always inevitably fall asleep during the first film and I would be treated to the concession stand.  Perks for making it to the second feature.  This particular drive-in is a decent ride but so worth it.  Just $7.25 a person (baby is free) and two feature films.  Now I get to carry Ahhh, give me the night!

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