Thursday, June 27, 2013


... One more work day and then I have next week off (three work days and 2 paid holidays, whoop! whoop!).  I am so looking forward to 9 straight days at home. With my family.  I know that Kayla and Baby E will be living here that week and possibly, Cammi (11) and Jade (6).  I’ve already let them know that there will be no fast food (unless someone else is shelling out the clams for it).  My plan is to cook/prepare every meal.  Which means a good cleaning out of the refrigerator tonight (trash pick-up Friday) and a very detailed and thoughtful shopping list.  My to-do list is super long and I also want to document this Week In The Life (ala AliEdwards).  I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS COMING WEEK!!!

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