Friday, May 10, 2013

The Newbies

So, yesterday was GOOD.  Not GREAT, but GOOD in that I did accomplish a few things.  After work, I walked 2.3 miles – hooray!! Washed up one load of laundry (dried it, too).  Cleaned up the living room.  Gathered up all the trash (Fridays are trash pick-up days).  Watched the Glee finale – not too good.  Disappointed for Ryder, didn’t like too many of the songs.  I don’t know; is it time to move on to a “new” series??  Was in bed and asleep by 11. 

Today, I uploaded photos taken with my iphone.  There were many!! Yesterday, I mentioned two new additions to our family.  Here they are:

Elliot Hayden born April 17th and Dylan Edward born April 25.  Elliot is my Great Grandson (I’m a very young Great Grandmama).  Dylan is my Great Nephew.  Elliot makes my Mom a Great Great Gram (picture taking on Sunday of the 5 generations).  With all these Greats around, how can we not be wonderful??!!!  

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