Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Long To Do List

I have a very long to-do list.  Included on it is to find the USB cable to my camera so I can upload all the photos that I have taken since the beginning of this year. We have added two new additions to our family this past month. Both boys, both healthy, both beautiful!! Both needing  lots of photos taken and uploaded.
One great thing I did do at the beginning of this month was to offer my Granddaughter, K, a paying job as my assistant - meaning once a week for up to an hour she goes through my mail, writes out checks for the utility bills, make note of due dates, lists of calls I need to return, appointments that need to be made, etc.  Our first stop was the $1 spot at Target for office supplies (and we found many, fabulous supplies, color-coordinated (teal)), which K put right to use.  This week, we will clean out the desk and she can set it up as it suits her.  Having K take care of the paperwork and my daughter wash and sweep floors, and clean the bathrooms twice a month (money well spent), we help each other in a good way.
Oooooh, my Grandgirls - K and Cam loved Keri Smith's: 

and while checking out what's new at B&N on-line, I came across this fantastic addition, JUST OUT this month!  
I ordered two.  Then I ordered, for me, this pretty little book, Moleskin Passions Travel.
I've put on my wish list, the numerous other Moleskin Passions Journals, i.e., Recipes Journal, Book Journal, Wine Journal, oh, heck, give me all of them!

Now, I've got work to do (real office work).  

Carpe Diem!

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