Friday, January 11, 2013

Let's Begin...Again.

So excited for this New Year.  I chose as my one little word – ACCOMPLISH.  I chose this word because I have so much I want to accomplish this year.  And I know that I will only be able to ACCOMPLISH these little goals one day at a time. One day at a time for 28 days makes it a habit, so it’s said.  The first is small and maybe silly to some but I am enjoying it – making my bed.  Today is DAY 4 of making my bed before I leave for the office.  Two things – my Mom used to say, “Make your bed, the whole room looks cleaner.”  I agree.  The other – there is nothing like climbing into a made bed.  I was gifted a bottle of grapefruit scented sheet spray – it’s light, heavenly. 

My main project for January is this little sack that was chosen by a Mommy-to-be.  There is no excuse that I cannot find thirty minutes a day to crochet at least four-six rows or more. 

Another thirty minutes is all I need to MOVE each day.  I choose walking and I love and have used (with much success) Leslie Sansone’s walking tapes. So, I know that even though its dark and cold by 6:00 p.m., I can still walk a mile in my living room.

That last little goal (to become habit) is to save money.  I am shooting for $100.00 this first month (that of course will depend on what breaks around here).  Our office moved in the middle of December to the middle of town – ON my bus line.  Last year, I weighed taking the bus vs. driving and parking and I felt that cutting the traveling time was more important.  However, I do not feel that I made valuable use of the time saved so it was a no win situation. This year, I have bought bus tickets, an overall savings of $60.00 plus gas over the wharf, and $20.00 plus gas (plus a 15 min. walk (but that’d be exercise) over Station Square.  I’ll gain the exercise bonus back when the days stay lighter longer by getting off 2 miles from my house and walking the rest of the way.
So, that’s it.  My four little changes which I hope to ACCOMPLISH and instill as routine habit.

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