Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Gift Stops Here

12/13/12 Christmas Presents

With the family growing and in-laws to consider, Christmas Eve has become the "big day" in my household.  The guests include my Mom, my sister’s children Melissa and Mike, Melissa's husband Brian, Mike's wife  Jolene, my daughter Amanda, her  partner Jerry, Kayla,  Brendan, and Jacob, my son Joey and his daughter, Cammi and Jade, my son Jayme, his wife Tina, Jayme’s son, Ben and Tina’s children, Tiffany, Chloe, Edward and Leah.  Again this year, the menu will include ham (for Jayme) and lasagna (Amanda and Joey).  I will be baking that fabulous Chocolate Wine Cake.  There will be lots of presents!  Along with those that Santa brings, there will be presents for all the kiddies from everyone!!!  Our house is filled with gifts and wrapping paper, bows and trim.  What a joy to watch the children open their presents and scream in delight.  Of course, if oru family, these kiddies and their parents get gifts all year, but they are still grateful and thankful for those they get at Christmas.

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