Monday, December 17, 2012

I Saw This and Thought of You!

Ben, Christmas 2008
12/17/12  I Saw This and Thought of You
This is just a Sampling, til I find the Official List:   

For Amanda: the complete set of Nightmare on Elm Street videos, zoo pass for the whole family,  for Kayla: Ashton Drake Truly Real doll, WiFi, Grand Theft Auto for her PS2, 2 outfits, Dirty Minds Game; Cammi: a pink/black outfit, Wilson Glow in the Dark football, subscription to BOP, 5thDork book, housekeeping set; Hello Kitty Necklace, for Jade: housekeeping set, portable doll house, Hello Kitty earrings, pants outfit, for Ben: TMNT P.J.s, Halo, for Brendan:  for Jacob:  for Dad: money and a card; for Mom: money and a card; for Mel & B: ___, GC; for Mike and Jolene: ___, GC; for Joey: flannel shirt, socks, T-shirts; for Tiffany: GC, for Chloe: GC, for Eddie: Halo; for Leah: Dora book/playset; for Kaileen: Itunes GC; for Skye: Itunes GC; for Jayme & Tina: Zoo Membership; for the four attorneys I am responsible for: party in a box.  That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.  I really need my list!

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