Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas - It's Not Always Bliss

12/06/12 The Good and the Not So Good
Cathy and Brendan, December 2008
My Sister left us in June of 2010.  That following Christmas was not a very happy one for my family.  She was and is so missed.  Every Christmas (heck, every second) going forward, we will all feel the loss of this brave soul.  She was always so loving and giving, every day, not just at Christmas.  As for Good, I love Christmas.  People seem nicer to one another.  The world is beautiful with its colored lights, candles, trees in the windows, carols playing on the radio stations, Christmas shows, waking up to white wonderlands.  Children are so excited.  There is such a hustle and bustle, a sense of magic and a magnificent energy at Christmas time. The not so good for me is waiting all year for this exceptional celebration of love and peace and its over way too soon.  

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