Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Prayers for victims of Hurricane Sandy

Throughout the night I kept checking in with the National Weather Service's coverage of Hurricane Sandy.  At times I cried.  The damage! The devastation! The loss!  I stayed in Manhattan not too long ago.  Recognized so many places I visited.  Now, it's covered by water.  Not to mention the damage to so many other states along the coast; and the power outages - millions!  For those shut in due to huge amounts of snow.  I pray for all those displaced families.  For those that have lost their lives due to the storm and for their families. For the business owners, and those having no jobs to go to today.  For the Red Cross and other disaster relief teams.  For the men and women who braved the elements to keep us updated.  For the millions upon millions with no electric.  Here in Pittsburgh, PA, at least in my area, we did not experience the predicted high winds.  Winds, yes, but not at the volume predicted.  No porch furniture being flung or trees being toppled.  It is overcast, gloomy and the rain has been nonstop.  But we are lucky today. We have power and jobs to go to.  I thank you Lord.  And I pray for all those affected by this devastating storm.  
Peace be with You.

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