Thursday, September 27, 2012

Summer Officially Over???

Saturday, the 22nd welcomed Autumn. Summer is over here in Pittsburgh, or so it seems by the weather we have been experiencing.  Anyway, I have been wrapping up my Project Summer 2012 journal, adding photos and a few finishing touches.  Thought maybe I would revisit my Summer Manifesto ONE last time and see how I did. (Want to do this now, because I am working on my Fall/Winter Project 2012 journal and will be rolling out my annual Things to do in Fall soon).  

1.            Go to the Drive-In  - Um, no
2.            Spend more time at Amanda's pool – Okay, I only actually swam twice, but we did picnic more this year.
3.            Read the books on my Summer Reading List  - Well, half a check
4.            Cook with seasonal foods (and eat healthy) - Check
5.            Grow a garden herbs (growing basil and cilantro) – Check
6.            Walk the neighborhood in the evenings – Check this off.
7.            Have more picnics Check.
8.            Clean out the cellar (again) – Um, no.
9.            Spa weekend once a month (with the girls) – Er, no.
10.         Go thrifting - Check
11.         Make something wearable
12.         Camp-out in the LR with the kiddies (make smores) – Yes! FUN!!!
13.         Make ice-cream – Um, no.
14.         Take a trip to the zoo
15.         On a rainy day, go to the museum
16.         Wear a summer dress every day Check mark plus!
17.         Go miniature golfing ah, no
18.         Take all the kiddies to Idlewild Park - Check
19.         Enjoy my front porch - Check
20.         Make iced tea - Check
21.         Donate - Check
22.         Make a Financial Vision Board – Er, no. Not yet. But I’m gonna!
23.         Take more photos - Check
24.         Learn to sew
25.         HAVE FUN!  Check ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Well, not too bad. Add to this list the Strip, the Island, the meals out, the Jersey Boys, the Flea Market, Chuck-E-Cheese, the wedding, the fireworks, the movies, the birthdays and more, it was a GREAT and FUNTASTIC SUMMER!!!!!!!


  1. Sunday will go for a swim here,
    Have a nice wwekend Trish!