Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Walk With Me Wednesday

Today is gorgeous!! The sky is so blue (my new favorite color - sky blue).  The focus of today's walk is the area between Fourth & Stanwix and Fourth & Wood (with a side trip to Prantl's Bakery for a frosted sugar cookie, but don't tell anyone, that totally doesn't jive with my efforts to lose a little poundage, wink, wink). We will start at Fourth Avenue & Stanwix Street walking along the left side.
The time to really walk up this street is in the evening when the sun is going down and the lights are on. Totally reminds me of a Gotham City type place. It's beautiful.
This building houses the Wintergarden. Beautiful plants.  (See last Wednesday's post for more info)

 Reflections (never can resist)
Two Gateway Center, home to the Food Court, a few select stores and law offices

 Across the street is PPG Square

Between the buildings and to our left is Market Square

A Historic Landmark
The Benedum Trees Building
Parking across the street

I haven't eaten here yet, but I plan to.

The Mandarin Gourmet.  I have eaten here. It's good. 

Plenty of places to eat
And that brings us to Fourth Avenue and Wood Street
And now I must detour to Prantl's for one of these:

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