Monday, August 6, 2012

Time to Revisit the Manifesto!

Ooookkaaayy.  Aside from the fact that I may not be crossing off much more from the last revisit, I must say I am having a fabulous summer!!!  Enough procrastinating, drumroll, please.
  2. Spend more time at Amanda's pool (STILL only been there twice, but there's STILL time)
  3. Read the books on my Summer Reading List (yum, STILL working on that first one)
  4. Cook with seasonal foods (and eat healthy) strawberries, watermelon,
  5. Grow a garden herbs (growing basil and cilantro) Still growing and my houseplants are divine!
  6. Walk the neighborhood in the evenings
  7. Have more picnics (1. the park near Amanda's; 2. Idlewild; 3. Amanda's) ADD # 4 - Kennywood!
  8. Clean out the cellar (again)
  9. Spa weekend once a month (with the girls)
  10. Go thrifting (with Mom and K) (with Joey, K, Cam & Jade)
  11. Make something wearable
  12. Camp-out in the LR with the kiddies (make smores)
  13. Make ice-cream
  14. Take a trip to the zoo
  15. On a rainy day, go to the museum
  16. Wear a summer dress every day (even on the weekends) (am and loving it!) STILL
  17. Go miniature golfing
  18. Take all the kiddies to Idlewild Park (done)
  19. Enjoy my front porch (have and still am) STILL
  20. Make iced tea (always) STILL
  21. Donate (scheduled)
  22. Make a Financial Vision Board (I REALLY am going to do this, BUT I have been experimenting with a $10.00 a day deal (5 goes for parking and its just the weekdays, but so far, so good)
  23. Take more photos (ongoing) (and going)
  24. Learn to sew
  25. HAVE FUN! (am!) STILL!
Hmmmm, okay, so, I have to cross off the zoo because K and Kai and I were going to go about 2 weeks ago when I realized I hadn't renewed our membership back in October. WAAH!  So, I am going to hold off on that until this October. But the drive-in, the museum and the living room camp-out are definites for this month.  Finishing that first book is too. And cleaning out the cellar . . . maybe.

Thanks Mister for a lovely dinner and a beautiful evening. What a way to end a Monday!

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