Sunday, August 19, 2012

Camping Out...

... living room style.
First you invite alot of kiddies.  I had all six grandchildren stay over.  Their ages range from 14 down to 2. Next, enlist the aid of one other adult (well, not too adult, we want that person to keep these kiddies busy). Set up two camps. The Boys and the Girls.
Gotta have smores. These kids love watching the marshmallows puff in the microwave.
Gotta play games.  Hide and Seek is always a good one.
Gotta be silly.
Gotta have a good movie.  Luckily, The Hunger Games was airing On Demand.
Gotta have food and fingers. 
And eventually, you gotta sleep.
Camp-out - 08-18-2012

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