Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to School Resolutions. Chapter 1

The new school year is right around the corner (for some it’s already started), and for me, September, like January 1, is exciting in that it’s like another shot at a “new beginning” and who doesn’t like that?  And with new beginning’s come new schedules, new start dates, new habits (good ones, preferably) to be made.  I know two teenage girls who, for a good part of their summer vacation, have spent most of their time at my house, staying up late, sleeping in, eating whatever, whenever and they have become “regulars” at the new coffee house which just opened within walking distance.  Who parents these kiddos??? Ahem.  I work, that’s my feeble excuse. BUT they are good girls who are just enjoying theirsummer vacation to the fullest.  It’s what I would be doing, too, if I had a few summer months off.

So I started thinking why not take this time to change a few things in my own routine.  Re-read and reaffirm my January 1 resolutions, see how I’ve been doing and either add, modify, or delete.  There are so many lists to make and then to cross off. 

First though, I am going to clean out my desk and restock, if needed.  Then I am going to make up "restock your desk" kits for the older grandkiddies, complete with staplers, staples, rulers, tablets, scissors, project covers, paper clips, and a few of MY most favorites: BIC Pencils, Pilot V Ball, and these fabulous FULL adhesive notes (no curling edges and they lift right off!) Post-Its.  

All this is just the beginning!!! Not only does next week bring the start of the school year, but Shimelle's LSNED class is back in session, too.  And falling leaves, cooler temperatures, apple cider, OH, but I am getting ahead of myself, there is still so much SUMMER left to do.

Kayla, 2007
Cammi, 2007

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